Provider enrollment for physicians and participating in insurance panels, especially managed care plans, are critical in order to prosper and grow. Effective credentialing takes time and effort. However, the benefits clearly outweigh the costs. With AMBF, you will have access to our credentialing experts who can assist in placing you with all prevalent insurance companies in our area. Although it may seem simple, credentialing mistakes can cost you months of lost revenue and puts you at risk of missing future payments. Long before opening a practice, AMBF will make certain our clients are enrolled with the right payors in the fastest time possible. Our Credentialing Department will complete the tedious task of application submissions and necessary follow ups including privileges at local hospitals and other facilities.

Our Enrollment/Credentialing offers:

  • •  On-site Credentialing Specialist
  • • Notification of contract expiration
  • • Recommendations of which insurance carrier to participate in
  • • Managed care contract completion
  • • Government program contract applications

The insurance enrollment process for a provider is tedious, time consuming, lengthy, and you do not want to do it yourself. Avoid delays and denials in billing due to being “out of network”. AMBF facilitates the credentialing of our providers in a timely manner and ensure you are covered with all of the pertinent insurances in your area accurately the first time, with persistent follow up, and with the knowledge of each insurance payer’s process and requirements.