Other Services

Practice Management

Industry-leading front office and healthcare billing software seamlessly passes data to all roles within your practice. You will experience complete practice management and healthcare billing software that fits the needs of any aspect of private practice or healthcare billing services.

EHR Software

Electronic health records software with prioritized task donuts, patient cards & physician dashboard to unify all roles of your practice to improve clinical care while creating a more personal experience with patients. Smart clinical apps will give you access to patient information from any Apple device and any browser.

Patient Management

Patient engagement software that delivers all the self-help and self-service feature patients demand, automated to reduce work for your staff. Engage your patients healthcare experience online while capturing patient feedback in real-time.

Managed Billing

Simplified healthcare billing services and transparent reporting tools for higher claims acceptance, faster reimbursement and more revenue. Revenue cycle management services with analytics reporting giving you an easier yet simple way to get paid.


Expand your patient care and decrease cost while increasing patient satisfaction. Telemedicine software helps you treat more patients without increasing overhead.

Reporting and Analytics

Get real-time information of your financial health and uncover hidden opportunities. The medical billing reporting provides the tools to better understand your financial performance because each provider and/or practice is different, we customize our reports as needed.

Encompassing All Accessible Exclusive Medical Billing

America's Medical Billing Firm is a Medical Billing service provider company, we have complete understanding, knowledge and expertise to accommodate all the complexities of the US health insurance