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Questions to ask

before choosing a

? How long they have been in business

? Are they locally owned and operated

? Ask if owners are involved in daily operations

? Ask them about their safeguards from loss of revenue

? Ask them about their Professional on-going training

? Ask them about their onsite industry I.T. support

? Ask them about custom financial reporting and profitability

? Ask them about their specialty specific training of their billers

? Ask them about their Certified Coding Audit Support

? How do they plan to streamline your billing

? What is their employee retention rate

? Ask them about their Client Care Department

? Ask them about their Accountability Clause

? What are their success stories

? How many years of experience does the biller have

? How will my biller help me increase my revenue

? What is the specialty specific training my biller has received

? How can my biller manage daily tasks, denials and follow-ups

? How can the biller help with the growth of my practice

? Ask them about their experience with data analysis and custom financial reporting

? How am I going to respond to I.T. issues

? What can my biller do to minimize downtime

? Who is going to be accountable for loss of revenue

? How do they plan to streamline my billing process

? How does my biller guarantee uninterrupted revenue cycle

? How much time will I invest managing the billing

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Choosing the right Medical Billing Firm are important factors to consider that significantly influence a patient’s treatment. The preferred choice for many patients is choosing private care.

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